Guess what...

I've been climbing at Smith Rock again! Hehe soon this will have to be called my climbing blog :). Paul(a guy I met on an earlier trip to Smith) and I decided to organize a trip with some of our friends this time and we were there for the whole weekend. On the way there we had some car trouble, and I was worried for a second that we would not get there, but everything worked out after some fixing and reorganizing. Although we came to camp in the middle of the night and had to set up our tents in the dark, but it worked out fine:)

The next day we went climbing all day, and I climbed 5.10s for the first time! The climbs are graded on a scale and 5.8-9 is what I've been climbing before. 5.5-6 are like really easy and 5.14-15 is like the most difficult you can climb.(and the grades are different in Sweden though) I'm a long way away from climbing that though.

Later it rained! Which was surprising because it has never rained before when I've been there, and I thought that I would just freeze all night, but it was actually ok, the tent was dry. And after a day of climbing I was so tired that I fell asleep almost right away. The day after that was nice and sunny again, and it was time for more climbing! Another amazing day, and I lead climbed a route for the first time! Which kind of means that I climbed first and set up the rope in the top (difficult to explain). Only downside was that we saw two superbig snakes...ughh...scary..

It was an amazing trip and I had so much fun! Climbing and hanging out with awesome people! :D

Not a bad morning view                       Emma climbing
Group picture! :)
Paul climbing


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