Climbing again!

Feels like the only thing I'm writing about anymore is climbing:P Because this weekend I went to Smith again! Although, this time we also volunteered to help with some clean up etc. around the park. It's like a big event that they have every year, and everyone who helps gets free breakfast and dinner, and at night they have a raffle with awesome climbing stuff etc. you could win, and an auction. It was a lot of fun! The next day we hiked and climbed. This time I hiked like around the whole main area where you can climb, up the hill and then around, which took about 2-3 hours. It is just so amazingly beautiful there!! I love it! And then I also did some climbing and met some really cool people! Another wonderful weekend!
Also, besides climbing we also had a little show in my swing class for the other students in the class. It was a lot of fun! This week we started with a coreography that we will then dance at another show at the end of the term. This was also so much fun and I'm starting to get really into it now :) It's a really fun dance!
Finally, spring is really here and it's been warm and sunny! :)

Postat av: suzanne

vad härligt du verkar ha det och vad fint det ser ut

sköt om dig kram

2012-05-09 @ 10:30:09

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