I had an amazing birthday! First my mom called me in the morning, which was a really nice surprise! Later I also got some skyping time with my sister, and she told me that she is coming to Eugene!!! The best birthday present ever!! :D I was totally surprised and I'm so happy! So April 4th she will be here!
In the evening I went out to dinner with my roommates and some friends to The Vintage, which is a really nice restaurant, and I had a very good crèpe and champagne:) After that we went to a concert with William Fitzsimmons which was also really nice!
The next day we had a Birthday Party at my house, which was also a lot of fun :)
In total my birthday was very good, and being 25 feels kind of good actually hehe.

Now I have two finals left and then this term is finished:)
By the way, woke up today and saw snow outside! I don't want snow right now, I want spring, it's called spring break Eugene! Come on! :P
And on Sunday my parents are coming!! :D (I just hope the snow is gone then)

Postat av: sussi

Vi åker från våren, 16 grader och sol idag! till vintern! Får väl ta med varma kläder. Men det viktigaste är ju att få träffa dig! Ses snart,kram

2012-03-22 @ 16:47:32

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