After Vancouver Island I went back to Seattle to meet my wonderful friend Hannah! She is so awesome for coming to visit me! :D We were in Seattle for about 1 1/2 half days. We went to the EMP museum(Experience music project). It was an awesome museum and they had a lot of stuff about Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana. You could also get to try to play music instrument which was fun. They also had an exhibition on horror movies, which was also interesting. We also got some shots of the Space Needle since it is right next to the museum.

After that we rented a car, although we had some problems at first because they didn't want to rent it to us unless I had a credit card, since I was staying in the US afterwards. Since I didn't have a credit card we had to rent from an antoher company which was a bit more expensive, but at least we finally got a car. I also thought that I might have some trouble at first driving an automatic car, but it went better than expected actually.
So finally we were on our way to the Olympic Peninsula! Yay! Although first we were going to make a stop at a school that Hannah was maybe applying to. So we wrote the address in our GPS and followed the instructions. However, after a while we realized we were somewhere in a forest and no school in sight. And right there our GPS told us: "You have arrived at your destination" We looked outside and all we could see was an empty little clearing and not even a house there haha. Hmm we decided that we were probably not at the school :P.
Next stop was Port Angeles. A nice town surrounded by mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. We spent New Year's Eve there, and  we went to a Casino; the first time for me. They had an 80's theme so we bought some funny clothes at a thrift store. It was a lot of fun and I won 8 dollars! So happy haha!
From Port Angeles we also went to see Lake Crescent! Amazingly beautiful!

After three days we continued our trip towards Forks. On the way we stopped at two waterfalls :)
Forks is a small town(population is around 3000) and it's probably most known for Twilight now. They had embraced that fact and you could see Twilight stuff in a lot of places. For example, they had a sign that said: "Forks, humans: 3000(something), vampires: 8, werewolfs: 16".

Unfortunately, it was raining all the time while we were in Forks. But we went to the Hoh rain forest which was amazing! So cool! We also went to see the beaches, which were also really nice! But it was raining and the wind was blowing so forcefully that we almost blew away on one of the beaches. It was literally difficult to stand still!

After that we went to Portland. We did some shopping here and the next day we continued to the Oregon Coast. First stop there was Depoe Bay where we lived really close to the water(first picture). After that we continued south and stopped at a really nice beach close to Florence. I really like this coast!

Then it was back towards Eugene! :) Whoops, this became a really long one! But I hope you enjoyed reading it anyway :) It was an awesome trip! And thank you so much for coming Hannah!

Postat av: sussi

It was so fun to read and the photos are really good!

love mum and dad

2012-01-13 @ 11:30:32
Postat av: Hannah

WOOOW! you got it all in one! im impressed!!!! I miss you already! PÖSSS

2012-01-13 @ 16:37:10

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