Smith Rock 2

This weekend I went to Smith Rock again, and it was amazing! It was much warmer and I did so much better than the last time! (didn't have to freeze like crazy during the night either :P). We did a multi pitch(this one was 3 climbs to get up a mountain). It was so beautiful up there, the view was incredible, and I can almost not believe that I did something like that. Last time I felt like I was high up when I was 10 meters up... Thanks to everyone who was there and made this happen! :D
On Sunday I went to the hot springs again and that was great too! Although we ended up doing a crazy hike through the forest to get there, crossing several streams etc. and at one point I kind of thought we would never get there:P, but it was actually a lot of fun :)
Overall, a really wonderful weekend! :D

Postat av: suzanne

Vad härligt det verkar och vad duktig och modig du är!kram

2012-04-26 @ 11:06:37

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