I had an amazing birthday! First my mom called me in the morning, which was a really nice surprise! Later I also got some skyping time with my sister, and she told me that she is coming to Eugene!!! The best birthday present ever!! :D I was totally surprised and I'm so happy! So April 4th she will be here!
In the evening I went out to dinner with my roommates and some friends to The Vintage, which is a really nice restaurant, and I had a very good crèpe and champagne:) After that we went to a concert with William Fitzsimmons which was also really nice!
The next day we had a Birthday Party at my house, which was also a lot of fun :)
In total my birthday was very good, and being 25 feels kind of good actually hehe.

Now I have two finals left and then this term is finished:)
By the way, woke up today and saw snow outside! I don't want snow right now, I want spring, it's called spring break Eugene! Come on! :P
And on Sunday my parents are coming!! :D (I just hope the snow is gone then)

Columbia River Gorge!

This weekend I went with Bene, Iida, Corinna, and Finley to the Columbia River Gorge in northern Oregon. It was raining so the view was maybe not that great over the gorge. Although, later we went hiking around Multnomah waterfalls and it was amazing!! So many waterfalls everywhere and the rainy mist gave it all a mysterious touch :). From time to time the fog lifted from the river too. At first, we had planned to camp, but then Finley's mom offered to let us stay at her house, which I'm very happy that we decided to do, because after 2-3 hours of hiking we were all pretty wet! The next day we explored some parts of the Washington side of the river. Different, but very beautiful as well! It's just amazing how many beautiful places there are in Oregon (and Washington) :D
This week I will start studying for finals, can't believe it's the last week of classes! And on Thursday it's my 25th birthday(Can't really believe that either :P)

Some guy had made his own version of Stonehenge


Idag var det helt otroligt varmt här i Eugene! Nästan som en sommardag! Hade dock föreläsningar och pluggade under förmiddagen så det hann inte bli så mycket tid i solen tyvärr. Men på eftermiddagen gick jag, Emma och Kristina för att köra lite gympa utomhus :). Emma har inte kört gymnastik men jag måste säga att hon är ganska grym ändå, kan hjula, stå på händer och huvudet. Har nästan inte kört någon gymnastik alls sen jag kom hit så det var kul att köra lite igen! Kunde fortfarande göra stillastående salto(även om den inte var lika bra som förut) wuuhuu! Kommer bli fler gånger med det. Kollade in vädret för nästa vecka när jag kom hem och det visade att från och med imorn ska det regna i en vecka typ. Men men jag är glad att vi fick en dag som den här redan nu iaf :) Förhoppningsvis är prognosen fel.
I helgen ska jag åka med ett gäng här till Columbia River Gorge, något liknande Grand Canyon tror jag, men mindre och på gränsen mellan Oregon och Washington. Ska bli kul, hoppas bara att det inte regnar för mycket!
I'm sorry for the Swedish you non Swedes who are reading this, hopefully google translate doesn't destroy the meaning completely :P

Willamette Pass

Last week I went skiing again with Emma. Most of the day was pretty sunny and it was a lot of fun!! :) I also bought a new pair of skipants! Really happy with them!
Last night Kristina had her Birthday party! It was so much fun, and they had made so much good food! I have to steal the recipes. She had also made an awesome Swedish strawberry cake!

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