Smith Rock 2

This weekend I went to Smith Rock again, and it was amazing! It was much warmer and I did so much better than the last time! (didn't have to freeze like crazy during the night either :P). We did a multi pitch(this one was 3 climbs to get up a mountain). It was so beautiful up there, the view was incredible, and I can almost not believe that I did something like that. Last time I felt like I was high up when I was 10 meters up... Thanks to everyone who was there and made this happen! :D
On Sunday I went to the hot springs again and that was great too! Although we ended up doing a crazy hike through the forest to get there, crossing several streams etc. and at one point I kind of thought we would never get there:P, but it was actually a lot of fun :)
Overall, a really wonderful weekend! :D


Last week my amazing and wonderful sister came to visit me:D I'm so glad that she could come, and it was so good to see her again!
It was nice to show her around Eugene, and that she got to meet some of my friends here :)
One day we went to Silver Falls with Carla, which was very very beautiful! Otherwise we walked around Eugene, ate some good food, and just hung out :)

Thank you for being so amazing!

Spring Break part 2

Update about the rest of my spring break. A bit late, I know. Went to Seattle with mom and dad, and saw Bob and Jody again. It was a lot of fun, and it was nice to see Seattle and Bellevue again. I like it :) Got to see some new places too so that was nice, and of course fun to spend some more time with my parents. I'm so happy they could come and visit.
Now school has started again, and my classes all seem pretty good.
My sister has been here for a week and it has been amazing!! So great to see her again :D
Next time I'll tell you all about that!

Bellevue                    EMP and Space Needle

Spring Break part 1

Last Sunday my mom and dad came here to visit! It was so great seeing them again, and so much fun to show them around Eugene :)
On Monday we went to the coast, from Florence to Newport.

On Tuesday I showed them around campus, the art museum, and downtown.

On Wednesday we went to Spencer Butte. It was my first time there too and it was really amazing. We were lucky and had sunshine :) The view is so beautiful and we could see all of Eugene. After that we went to lunch with Ariston, and then to Autzen Stadium.

We also went to some of the nice restaurants and cafés here in Eugene, like the Pizza Research Institute, Sweet Life, and Off the Waffle, mums!(=yummy!) :)

On Thursday we went to see Bob and Jody in Seattle:) More about that next time!

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