Finals,concert and Christmas!

Now I have finally had all of my finals! And I think that it went well.
Last Saturday Emma and Allison had a Little Christmas Party! It was very nice and I got some Christmas feeling:) They had made some awesome pastries and Glögg! So Nice! Also we had secret Santa, so everyone bought a small gift and then everyone got one each:)
Last week I gave some of my salty liquorice candy to Ariston, and he screamed and had to spit it out, so funny! haha!
On tuesday me and Iida went to Portland to see Mumford & Sons. They were amazing!! :D
We also went to H&M there hehe, and I bought some nice stuff...
On this tuesday I am going to Seattle and I'm really looking forward to that and to the whole break.

Oh and I forgot! Yesterday Dave and Linda(Emma's host family) took me, Emma, and Allison to dinner and then to see some Christmas lights on the houses around Eugene:) Completely crazy some of the lights some people have! And some of the houses are sooo big!
Here's a link to a house that we saw, with syncronized music  :P

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