The term is going so fast! Now I've had all of my midterms.  Except for one class where we have three exams spread out over the whole term. One of them went really well, but it was not very difficult either. For the other ones I'm still waiting for the results. And one of them was pretty difficult.
Otherwise, my climbing class is a lot of fun, and I'm learning so much. I'm definitely going to continue to climb in the future :).
Yoga and aerobics is fun too.
This weekend I'm going to Portland from Friday to Saturday. It will be fun to explore Portland a bit more. Even though I've been there two times I fell like I haven't seen that much of the city.

I hope all of you will have a great weekend!

Postat av: sussi

Hope you have a great weekend too! We have a lot of snow now, so we might go skiing-crosscountry!

Love mum and dad

2012-02-17 @ 19:32:08
Postat av: Hannah

hej BAH! fan va nice! hoppas du får en massa A:n på dom andra proven med! saknar dig en hel massa! pöss o kram

2012-02-18 @ 19:27:50
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