Spring Break part 1

Last Sunday my mom and dad came here to visit! It was so great seeing them again, and so much fun to show them around Eugene :)
On Monday we went to the coast, from Florence to Newport.

On Tuesday I showed them around campus, the art museum, and downtown.

On Wednesday we went to Spencer Butte. It was my first time there too and it was really amazing. We were lucky and had sunshine :) The view is so beautiful and we could see all of Eugene. After that we went to lunch with Ariston, and then to Autzen Stadium.

We also went to some of the nice restaurants and cafés here in Eugene, like the Pizza Research Institute, Sweet Life, and Off the Waffle, mums!(=yummy!) :)

On Thursday we went to see Bob and Jody in Seattle:) More about that next time!

Postat av: maria

gaaah. vad kul att träffa mamma o pappa! verkar som ni hade det toppen. kan inte vänta tills det är min tur om ett par dar!!

2012-04-02 @ 17:53:33
URL: http://mochan.blogg.se/
Postat av: Anonym

we had a great time too! It was so nice to see you!

2012-04-09 @ 21:45:09

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