Kentucky falls!

This weekend I went on a trip with the Outdoor program again. This time to some waterfalls not far from Eugene. It was really beatiful, and we went on a hike through the forest to get there. Met some nice people on the trip too, so that was fun! There are so many amazing things to see around here, which is great!

Also went to Kristina's place for a party, and her boyfriend, who's here visiting, had brought Djungelvrål! Så gott! Really miss Swedish candy sometimes, especially liquorice hehe! And it was so fun seeing people's faces when they tried it haha, most of them didn't like it that much, and they thought it would be sugar so they were quite surprised:)

Yesterday me and some of the other Swedes went to see Michael Jackson, immortal world tour, by Cirque du Soleil. Really cool and awesome!! Unfortunately it was strictly forbidden to take pictures, think they would have thrown me out if I had tried :P.

Soon I'm choosing classes for next term. Don't know what I'm going to take yet, but definitely some kind of sport except for normal classes, like rock climbing and running I think. So cool that we can take those as classes:)

Postat av: maria

låter riktigt fint! haha, ja, jag har hört att det är många som tycker djungelvrål smakar förjävligt :P saltlakrits är nog nåt vi är specialister på i sverige :P

2011-11-18 @ 10:02:46

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